Recent News

School is NOW in session!

To a lot of you parents out there this time rings "FREEDOM". It should also be the time to worry most about your childrens' Laptops. More...

Why it's VERY important to back up your important files!

Over the past couple months, we have been repairing alot of PC's due to Hard Drive Failure. This is a serious issue for a lot of people. More..

Another Swarm of FB Virus's

We know of all the "Get the big lot of land free for your farmville" or "Change your Profile Appearance" Virus's thats gone around, but now, there are FB virus's that are coming in the source of a Private Message from one of your Friends. More…

New Website!

We have finally gotten a new website up and in order! We thank you for all of your patience! Hope to hear from you soon with any of your computer needs!

More News...

PC Servicing/Updating

Majority of repairs are set at a FIXED PRICE. Please contact us for a FREE QUOTE today!

Service Calls*

$30/hr M-F, $45/hr Sat & Sun

Virus Removal*
(This includes FREE installation of any and all important Window's updates to major components andthorough cleaning of Internet temp files and cookies)

Hardware/Software Installations/Replacements*
Normally set at a fixed price, Contact us today!
$30/hr M-F, $45/hr Sat & Sun

PC Tune-Up*
$70 - 1 PC/Laptop,
$30 per additional PC/Laptop
(Includes Adware Scan, Malware Scan, Registry Cleanup, Windows Updates, and PC Defrag)

*NOTE: All PC Servicing/Updating are subject to a $30 Bench Fee. The bench fee will be deducted from the final charge.


Basic Starter Webpage
$229.99 w/50% Down
Includes: 1 Page of Information, up to 3 Photos, Basic HTML Design
DOES NOT Include: Shopping Carts, Email Account(s), Video Embedding

Premier Webpage
$549.99 w/50% Down
Includes: Up to 3 Pages of information, UNL. Photos, Basic HTML Design, and Email Account (e.g.
Extras* (opt): Minimum Item Shopping Cart, Merchant Account
*Extra Charge(s) will apply. Only added per customer request. Prices subject to change at anytime.

Gold Webpage
$849.99 w/ 50% Down
Includes: Up to 5 Pages of information, UNL Photos, UNL Video Embedding, CSS Design, and Email Account (e.g.
Extras* (opt): Unl Item Shopping Cart, Merchant Solutions, Any other Add-ons Requested/Required
*Extra Charge(s) will apply. Only added per customer request. Prices subject to change at anytime.

Note: Prices Include cost of Domain Name, Hosting Package, Email Account (If Applicable), and design of Page to your approval. Other Services may include extra charges. Once approved and launched, any changing/editing of any information/media is charged at a normal hourly rate of $25/hr unless included in package.

Website Maintenance/Updates

Media Design

Video Editing
VHS tape to DVD $20/ea
w/ DVD Menu add $30/ea
Extra DVD Copies $5/ea

Picture SlideShows
Standard Package - $200
- 1 Master DVD Copy*
- 150 Picture Limit
- 3 Songs of Choice

Silver Package - $275
- 1 Master DVD Copy*
- 2 Bonus DVD Copies*
- 200 Picture Limit
- 4 Songs of Choice

Gold Package - $350
- 1 Master DVD Copy
- 5 Bonus Copies*
- 500 Picture Limit
- 9 Songs of Choice

*Extra DVD Copies at request $5/ea

Business Customers please call for "Rates for Business'". Rates may be different then listed above.


Special Projects for an event or gathering, Please contact us by phone or email. For our contact info, go to our "Contact Us" Section