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PC Servicing/Updating

Our "PC Servicing/Updating" Services include everything from Virus Removal, PC Cleanup, OS Reinstalls, and even Installing New Hardware/Software for your Computer.

We will be your consultant for any of your computer needs! Weither your PC is just going to slow or if your screen in your laptop needs to be replaced! We will recommend the best option and find you the best price around on the part you need*. Most of the time, the option for same day replacement is available**.

*All parts are ordered based upon your decision. I will shop around for the best deals, quickest shipping, etc... I will provide you with options as far as prices, shipping, and quality of the actual product. NOTE: Remember, you get what you pay for!

**If the part(s) needs to be replaced and is not available that day, it will need to be ordered. The part may/will take a couple days, if not more, to be delivered. I can simply take the PC with me and return it after the part is installed and tested to make sure it's working correctly.